The Barn Low Down

The following rules are set to help keep Hayes Equestrian Center a SAFE and fun place to be for our horses and people.

Barn Rules:

  1. ASTM/SEI helmets are to be worn by everyone under the age of 18 when mounted. NO EXCEPTIONS. We strongly recommend all ages to wear a helmet when mounted.
  2. NO Sandals, flip flops or moccasins should be worn in the barn when handling horses.
  3. Children must be attended to at all times.
  4. No running, rough housing or yelling.
  5. All riders must sign a release before riding or handling horses.
  6. Guests may not ride or handle a horse at HEC without signing a release.
  7. Lessons must be prepaid, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  8. Lessons may be cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled lessons or you will be charged.  Frequent cancellation of your lesson may result in the loss of your lesson time.
  9. Be prompt! You should arrive 15-20 minutes early to groom and tack up if your horse is not being used in the prior lesson and plan the same for post lesson.
  10. Horse’s should not be fed treats without permission and should always be fed in their feed bucket, feeding by hand can cause our horses to become nippy.
  11. Always clean up after yourself and your horse and make sure all equipment is put away properly.
  12. Do Not leave a horse unattended in the crossties.
  13. NO SMOKING on the property.
  14. Please notify management of any necessary repairs, maintenance, problem, complaints, or needed supplies.
  15. Boarding and riding at HEC is a privilege. Actions such as stealing, flagrant damage of stable property, abuse of animals, physical or verbal abuse of HEC personnel or any other actions which are deemed detrimental to HEC will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate expulsion from the property.
  16. Please be advised that direct loss, damage or injury to your horse, tack, equipment or trailer is not covered by HEC insurance, while on the premises. You, as the owner of the personal property items have the financial interest in same, therefore it is up to you to be sure that they are insured under a homeowners, or tenant’s or other insurance policy, or under a separate policy as in the case of loss, injury, damage or death of a horse.


Our Barn Philosophy:

  1. Help those that are younger or less experienced than you.
  2. Take direction and advice from those that are older or more experienced.
  3. Let staff know if there are any problems or if anything is upsetting you, we can’t help if we are unaware.
  4. Only kind words (no bullying or troublemaking).
  5. Always try your best.
  6. Always ask questions, if unsure.
  7. We encourage you to watch your child’s lesson, please remember it is the instructor’s job to teach them.
  8. If it’s raining, there will be mud. Please dress appropriately.
  9. Have fun and smile